Damp investigation SurreyHaving obtained a detailed brief from you on the history and background, our damp surveyor will proceed to moisture map the affected areas and start investigating the type of damp found: –

  • Rising Damp from naturally occurring ground water. This rarely occurs, but can be widespread within a property
  • Penetrating Damp caused by rainfall and construction defects
  • Water leaks from plumbing, drains or wastes
  • Hygroscopic damp from contaminated materials
  • Condensation caused by lack of ventilation and extraction

Once the type of damp has been ascertained, our damp surveyor will proceed to look for its causes. These commonly  include:-

  • Missing damp proof membranes in floors
  • Missing or bridged damp proof courses in walls
  • Ground levels
  • Roof, door and window leaks
  • Failed render and porous bricks
  • Contaminated building materials
  • Extraction and ventilation

Our damp surveyor will discuss his findings with you, and answer any questions you have, or requests for additional information.

Once finished, our damp surveyor will write and send to you his report which will show the background and history, survey results, conclusions, and recommendations for remedial action. Sometimes this will recommend further invasive investigation such as trial excavations to determine precise construction details.

If you want us to, we can normally provide schedules of work and cost estimates for any damp remedial work we have recommended.  In some cases this will be financed by building insurance claims, and we can assist in gaining approval from insurer.