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damp service reviews

Very pleased with the work done by Bianca, the senior surveyor at The Damp Specialist Company, in diagnosing the issue we’ve had in our En-suite which was affecting the hallway wall. She’s completed a thorough investigation and the conclusions and recommendations were very clear and well explained to us. We now have a dry house because of it!

Damp Investigation Client

Bookham – Surrey

Bianca surveyed the problem area, having read a detailed, general house sale survey of the property.She shared her professional views on potential sources of the damp problems whilst also listening to the client’s concerns. Having provided a damp report, which included photos and treatment materials, she then was happy to follow that up with further queries from me. I would highly recommend this service, it has been a great weight off my mind breaching these issues with her and hopefully resolving them as a result of her advice.

Damp Investigation Client

Damp Survey

Their senior surveyor Bianca investigated a long standing damp issue in our holiday cottage in Kent and made recommendations which have eliminated the problem. The damp proof course in the walls was being ‘bridged’ by a combination of ground level being too high, plus internal plaster being too low. This was corrected reasonably easily and within 3 months the visible damp had disappeared. Other surveyors had said we needed a new damp proof course which would have been much more expensive, and not fixed the real problem. As Bianca said, treat the causes not the symptoms. Highly recommended.

Paul C

Damp Survey

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