1. Definitions

1.1. ‘DSC’ refers to ‘The Damp Specialist Company Ltd’

1.2. ‘Service’ refers to all services offered by DSC including surveys, one-on-one consultations and subsequent contractor recommendations.

1.3. ‘Client’ refers to any person, company requesting services from DSC.

1.4. ‘Contractor’ refers to any company, sole trader or person in the position to complete necessary building works at the Client’s property.

2. Appointment of DSC

2.1. If client appoints DSC to provide any Service(s), DSC agrees to provide the Service(s), on the terms and conditions contained in the present document.

2.2. The terms and conditions will become applicable once the written booking confirmation has been sent to Client.

2.3. Our booking conformation will be taken as acceptance of the following terms and conditions, unless otherwise agreed to in writing before the commencement of our Service on the date and time provided in the booking confirmation.

3. Parking and Site Access for Surveys

3.1. DCS require free and available parking at the property subject to the Service offered. Parking permits should be provided where necessary. If Client cannot provide free and available parking at the property, and/or permits cannot be provided, then any parking fees or fines incurred by DSC will be payable by the Client to DSC.

3.2. Unless otherwise stated in our written confirmation, our surveys are non-invasive and we will not do any invasive action to access areas not readily accessible, i.e., subfloor voids, removal of skirting boards, making up carpets.

3.3. If an invasive survey was booked, we will not be responsible for making good of the works involved in gaining access to the subfloor void, i.e., refitting floor boards, fixing flooring back.

3.4. It is the Client’s responsibility to arrange good access to all necessary areas, including other properties if required (especially in multi occupancy buildings), subfloor and roof voids if Service requires it. If adequate access is not arranged and inspection cannot be carried out or completed in full, then our standard charges will be still be payable. Any return visit(s) required will also be payable.

3.5. DSC will use best endeavours to work around limited access. However, heavily cluttered areas, or refusal at access certain areas, may result in our surveyor being unable to conclude their work and inspect all areas fully and our standard fees will be payable.

4. Surveys

4.1. Our surveys are limited to 1.5 hour spent on site and discussing our findings with the client. During the survey DSC will inspect the areas of concern as indicated by the Client’s instructions, pinpoint the possible causes of the damp issues and make recommendations for the remedial action necessary to put the issues right.

4.2. A survey is carried out as per the Client’s instructions. If the brief is inaccurate and this impacts the survey in any way, we accept no liability, and our standard fees will be payable. We are not responsible for damage in areas not mentioned in the Client’s instructions.

4.3. We will only inspect the areas and rooms we are asked to inspect by the Client and we will not be held liable for missed diagnosis in an uninspected area or room.

4.4. Our survey costs include a written report outlining our findings, conclusions and recommendations and an additional follow up 30-minute phone call/ Zoom call with the client in order to discuss any further questions they might have. Further assistance beyond this will be charged as one-on-one consultations.

4.5. The surveys are observational only and therefore limited to what we can visually see and inspect during the survey during the specific weather conditions present during the survey. We will not be held liable for missed diagnosis due to specific weather conditions.

4.6. Our surveys are valid for 90 days and limited to the certain circumstances present during the survey. We cannot be held responsible for issues that developed after the survey visit, were not visible during the survey and or worsened after the visit making the issue more visible to the Client.

4.7. If a missed diagnosis causes any damage, then DSC will accept no responsibility for such damage.

4.8. Using a range of specialist equipment and our expertise, we will try to pinpoint the damage seen to a specific cause. Although it is likely we can do this using our non-invasive methods and expertise, there are limitations to these methods and further invasive specialist intervention and/or further invasive investigation by DSC might be required. Any such works will be payable in addition to the original costs.

4.9. There are limits to what survey findings can provide and every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our findings, conclusions, recommendations and reports. However, information is presented as we find it, with no warranty as to its accuracy, and is intended for guidance only. DSC cannot be held responsible for the way in which the Client may interpret or act upon our findings and/or report.

5. Booking Date & Time Changes, Cancellation or No Access Charges

5.1. Booking date & time amendments are allowed for free up to 1 full working date prior to our original booking date and time, then a booking amendment fee of £50.00 would be payable.

5.2. Unless notice of cancellation is provided in writing to info@theleakdampspecialist.co.uk at least 2 full working days prior to the booking date and time, then a cancellation fee of £50.00 would be payable.

5.3. If we are unable to make access at the property at the agreed date and time then an overhead recovery fee of £100.00 would be payable and the follow up visit will be chargeable at the standard rate and payment terms apply as usual.

5.4. Unless notice of cancellation is provided in writing to info@theleakdampspecialist.co.uk at least 2 full working days prior to the booking date and time, then a refund will be processed via the payment method less a £50.00 the cancellation fee.

6. Recommended Contractors

6.1. Upon request DSC can recommend Contractors who can undertake some/ all the remedial works outlined in the remedial scope of works.

6.2. The recommended Contractor will present a quotation for the works to the Client and will only complete works for the quotes approved by the Client.

6.3. DSC will not be held liable for the negligence, damages or substandard quality of

work of any Contractor it recommends to the Client. The Contractor will be fully responsible for all liability arising from such works.

7. Payment

7.1. The payment for any Service is due upon receipt of the survey report. We accept debit/credit card or cheque (made payable to The Damp Specialist Company Ltd). An invoice will be sent by email at the same time as the survey report.

7.2. Any overdue payments could be passed to a debt collection agency and/or involve County Court proceedings. We reserve the right to add interest charges at an annual rate of 12.0%. We also reserve the right to charge recovery fees.

7.3. We do not accept payment from insurance companies, loss adjusters or alike. If an insurance claim is being pursued it is the Client’s responsibility to arrange reimbursement.

8. Privacy

8.1. A copy of our Privacy Policy can be found on our website or by requesting an electronic copy by emailing info@theleakdampspecialist.co.uk.