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Reasoning from First Principles | Independent Assessments | Tailored Solutions

When damp infiltrates your property, it erodes not just the physical structure of your building, but also your peace of mind, sense of security, and your property’s value. At The Damp Specialist Company, we aspire to be a committed partner dedicated to delivering expertise, independent assessments, and tailored solutions, enabling you to efficiently combat your damp issues.

Who We Are

The Damp Specialist Company in Surrey covers London and most of the South East. We have extensive experience in dealing with all aspects of damp and water damage.

  • PCA Certificated Surveyors in Timber and Dampness in Buildings

  • Water Damage Restoration and Applied Structural Drying experts

What We Do

We find and fix damp problems in properties using a ‘first principles’ diagnostic approach which concentrates on identifying the causes of damp, rather than dealing with the symptoms only. Our service offerings include:

  • Damp Surveys
  • Damp & Timber Surveys
  • Condensation & Mould Surveys
  • One-on-One Consultations
  • Referral to Trusted Contractor

How We Do It

  • Moisture Map affected areas

  • External and internal examination to assess the presence of any construction defects

  • High Tech Equipment, including Moisture Meters, Thermal Imaging, Hygrometers and Endoscopic Cameras.

  • Provide a plain English Survey Report with Findings, Conclusions, and Recommendations.

Types of Damp Surveyed

Our team can survey for the following types of damp:

  • Rising damp from naturally occurring ground water
  • Penetrating damp from rainfall
  • Water leaks from plumbing, drains and waste pipes
  • Hygroscopic damp from contaminated building materials
  • Condensation from lack of ventilation and extraction

What Our Clients Say

We used this company to carry out a damp survey during the house buying process. Communication has been brilliant, super reliable and survey results were very informative. Would recommend!

Emma Holder -Checkatrade, Damp& Timber Survey, KT12

Bianca inspected two properties. She was professional, punctual, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. The report details root cause and schedule of remedial work covering internal and external.

Jj Van- Checkatrade, Damp Survey, KT13

Very pleased with the work done by Bianca, the senior surveyor at The Damp Specialist Company, in diagnosing the issue we’ve had in our En-suite which was affecting the hallway wall. She’s completed a thorough investigation and the conclusions and recommendations were very clear and well explained to us. We now have a dry house because of it!

Vicky Chandler- Checkatrade, Damp Survey, GU2

A thorough, informed, professional service

Bianca surveyed the problem area, having read a detailed, general house sale survey of the property.She shared her professional views on potential sources of the damp problems whilst also listening to the client’s concerns. Having provided a damp report, which included photos and treatment materials, she then was happy to follow that up with further queries from me. I would highly recommend this service, it has been a great weight off my mind breaching these issues with her and hopefully resolving them as a result of her advice.

Belinda, GU23 -Trustpilot, Pre-purchase Damp Survey

Independent damp survey

Bianca from the Damp Specialist Company performed a damp survey at our NW property.
The survey was very helpful in clearly pointing the issues that needed remediation and specific actions.
As an independent survey, it aimed at tackling first the source of the issues, rather than selling unnecessary DPC installations.
Everything was detailed in a report and evidenced with pictures. Much recommended.

RM, NW -Trustpilot, Damp Survey

Extremely professional service

I had a visit this week from the Damp Specialist Company, Bianca turned up early and proceeded to look into our unusual damp issue following an extension 6 years previous. I had a very detailed written report emailed to me within 24 hours, it even had suggestions on where I could go to purchase materials required to eliminate the problem. Bianca was very knowledgeable and able to explain very clearly the most likely cause of our issue.
I would have no hesitation in using The Damp Specialist Company again, or recommending to others.

Russ McKenzie, RH -Trustpilot, Damp Survey


Together, we defend your property

Choose The Damp Specialist Company surveys that bring a personal touch to your property’s needs. Contact us today to schedule a survey and take the first step towards resolving damp issues in a way that’s both efficient and personable.